William Sokil began his career in the trucking industry in 1949. Working with his father, and with a fleet of two trucks (one-ton Ford and two-ton Fargo), they began delivering goods in and around the City of Edmonton. After his father John passed away in 1950, William continued working at the company, and the first company, Edmonton Transfer Ltd., was officially incorporated in 1951.

His brother Russell joined him in 1954, and became involved full time with the company. Exposure to line haul freight carriers caused William and Russell to consider moving goods beyond the local marketplace, so they formed another company, Sokil Express Lines Ltd. to handle intercity freight. Initially the primary markets were Edmonton and Calgary, but over the years the group was expanded to include many other services, and coverage extended throughout Canada and the United States.

The Sokil brothers quickly gained a reputation for being people that believed pretty well anything could be transported over the road, providing they were able to get the object on wheels. For a Northern project, the obstacle was moving a large oversized barge from a shipyard in Vancouver, to a remote area of the NWT. William and Russell proposed cutting the vessel into several sections, and welding wheels and a kingpin onto each section, then re-assembling the vessel at destination. It was this kind of innovative thinking that set the Sokil Group apart from other carriers, and made them leaders in the industry.

For over 65 years the Sokil Group remains a family-owned and operated company, with branches across Canada, and a diverse fleet of equipment. William Sokil (1931-2014) served as the President and Chief Executive Officer, with Russell as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Today, the Sokil Group of Companies comprises six companies, with services ranging from courier operations, LTL and TL van and flatdeck services, to heavy equipment and specialty hauling, as well as international import and export freight movements. We are constantly expanding our range of services, facilities, and fleet of equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, and offering them comprehensive supply chain solutions.

Sokil Express Lines Ltd., Edmonton Transfer Ltd., Sokil Transportation Services, Sokil Holdings Ltd., Sokil Courier Services, Inter Freight Inc.

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